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A Land Out of Time A Land Out of Time
A Land Out of Time
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Drilling the Rockies
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A Land Out of Time - Trailer A Land Out of Time - Trailer
Drilling water discharged from
Wyoming gas well

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©Joel Sartore
Drilling water
New Mexico
gas field

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©Joel Sartore
New Mexico field
Aerial photo
of Jonah Basin
gas field, near Pinedale, WY

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©Vanuga Photography
Jonah Basin gas field
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A LAND OUT OF TIME : A Documentary Film

Time is running out for vast swaths of the Rocky Mountain West as the Bush/Cheney Administration turns over millions of acres of public land for oil & gas drilling. Westerners on the land for generations expose the dramatic changes to the landscape and their heritage and spark a backlash. Just who is in charge of our public lands, the oil & gas industry or the American people?

Produced & Directed by Mark Harvey (winner, National Outdoor Book Award and Aspen ShortsFest). Written by Laurel Garrett and Mark Harvey, based on a treatment by Timothy Egan (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the New York Times). Three-time national Emmy winner Greg Poschman is Director of Photography and Scott Davis edited.

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